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Constitutional and Bylaws of the Southwestern Pennsylvania Fire Chiefs and Assistant Fire Chiefs Association


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Article I           Title and Purpose             Page # 2


Article II          Officers                      Page # 2


Article III         Nomination of Officers        Page # 3


Article IV          Duties of the President       Page # 4


Article V           Duties of the                 Page # 4
Vice President


Article VI          Duties of the Secretary       Page # 5


Article VII         Duties of the Treasurer       Page # 6


Article VIII        Duties of the Chaplin         Page # 6

Article IX          Fire School Directors         Page # 7

Article X           Duties of the                 Page # 8
Board of Control


Article XI          Bonding of Officers           Page # 8


Article XII         Membership                    Page # 8


Article XIII        Dues                          Page # 9


Article XIV         Death Benefits                Page # 10


Article XV          Meetings                      Page # 10


Article XVI         Meeting Agenda                Page # 11


Article XVII        By Law Amendment              Page # 12



Constitution and Bylaws of the Southwestern Pa. Fire Chiefs and Assistant Fire Chiefs Association



Article - I Title and Purpose



Section - I Title

This Organization shall be known as the, Southwestern Pennsylvania Fire Chiefs and Assistant Fire Chiefs Association.



Section - II Purpose

This Association is instituted for the purpose of benefiting and protecting our fellow citizens and neighboring towns. To open discussion upon the best ways and means of fighting fires and their prevention, to promote the organization of the departments and other fire organizations in municipalities and county organizations. To encourage a fraternal friendship among firefighters, and to conduct, promote, and to finance the annual Southwestern Pennsylvania Firefighters Training Institute.



Section - III Location of the Association Office

The office of the Association shall be the home of the Secretary.


Article - II Officers


Section - I

The officers of this Association shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chaplin. Above named officers and the Past Presidents that are in good standing shall constitute the Board of Control.











Article - III Nomination and Election of Officers


(Section - I)

Each officer is nominated at the regular meeting in October, elected at the regular meeting in November and assume office at regular meeting in January, and serve for one year or until a successors is elected.


(Section - II)

There shall be no nominations at the November meeting unless a full slate of officers has not been nominated for all offices. Then nominations shall be held in November for the office only that had no candidate for that office.


(Section - III)

All nominees for office shall have attended at least five (5) meeting in the past year and is in good standing with the Association.


(Section - IV)

In case no candidate who receives the majority of votes cast on the first or second ballot, the candidate who receives the least on the second ballot shall be dropped and another ballot taken if their still no election, the candidate receiving Least votes shall be dropped a so on until there is an election.


(Section – V)

Any vacancy occurring among the officers of the Association shall be filled at the same meeting or the next succeeding meeting of the Association by an election.


(Section - VI)
Any officer missing three (3) consecutive meeting of the Association "who does not have a valid excuse for such absences shall be removed from that office by the presiding officer and shall turn over all books, papers, and other items belonging to the Association. The presiding officer will then open the office at that meeting of the Association for nominations, with the election to fill that office to be held at the next regular meeting of the Association.






Article - IV Duties of the President


(Section - I)

It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Association, preserve order, and enforce the laws thereof. Should the President leave the chair the vice President shall assume and perform the duties incumbent upon the office by the bylaws of the Association. The President shall be Ex-Officio, a member of all committees, and shall exercise supervision and control over all the affairs for the Association.


(Section – II)

The President, previous to convening a special meeting requires a written statement of the object thereof this statement shall then be read at the opening of that meeting and no other business shall be conducted.


(Section - III)

It shall be the duties of the President to appoint all such

Committees as may be necessary including an auditing committee consisting of three (3) for the Association to audit the account annually and report at the regular January meeting.


Article - V Duties OF the Vice President


(Section - I)

The Vice President shall perform the duties of the President during any absence.


(Section - II)

In the absence of the President and Vice President, the junior Past President who is present shall fill the chair.











Article VI - Duties of the Secretary


(Section - I)

The Secretary shall keep a complete set of records of the Association business which at all times shall be open to the members at all times.


(Section - II)

The Sectary shall keep a complete record of the Association members and shall prepare, prior to the April Meeting, a list of companies and members that are in good standing, and also a list of the companies and members who are delinquent for the present year, and shall present these, list at the same meeting for consideration.


(Section - III)

The Secretary is authorized to receive money due the Association and shall turn over it to the Treasurer and receive a receipt for the same.


(Section - IV)

The Secretary shall have the power to control the mailing list as he/she sees fit for the Association. And mail monthly meeting notices to all companies, Past President's and media


(Section - V)

The Secretary shall receive at the regular meeting in January from the Association finances a donation of ($200.00) Two Hundred Dollars.


















Article - VII Duties of the Treasurer


(Section - I)

The Treasurer shall receive all moneys from the Secretary and deposit same to the Association Account at a bank approved by the Association, and pay all bills properly approved by the Association by check signed by any two (2) Officers, President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


(Section - II)

The Treasurer shall give a written statement of accounts at each regular meeting


(Section - III)

The Treasurer shall receive and be entrusted with all valuable documents belong to the Association and store them. These document must be verified by the auditors, by sight at time of any audit, and be part of their report. At the end of the Treasurer term of office, all said documents will be turned over to the incoming Treasurer and be made part of the Association minutes.


(Section - IV)

The Treasurer shall receive at the regular meeting in January from the Associations finances a donation of ($200.00) Two Hundred dollars.


Article VIII - Duties of the Chaplain


(Section - I)

It shall be the duty of the Chaplain to conduct the opening and closing Exercises, at each meeting, to send get well and sympathy cards at the expense of the Association, and to conduct memorial Services upon request.












Article IX - Fire School Directors


(Section - I)

The president shall appoint the fire school director at the first meeting following the annual fire school. Once the recommendation is made to retain or dismiss the present director. The president shall call a special meeting of the board of director's prior to the meeting to approve to retain or dismiss the present fire school director a majority of the board must approve the recommendation of the president’s request. If the president retains the same director a meeting will not be called to approve his request.


(Section - II)

The fire school director shall appoint (5) assistant directors an (1) one Safety officer, (2) two desk captains to be approved at the meeting that their names are presented .The Majority of membership at the meeting must approve the recommendation of the fire school director


(Section - IIa) Fire school Committee

Any member of the association that would like to serve on the fire school committee must submit your name to the fire school director


(Section - III)

To be appointed as an Assistant Director, the appointee must be a member in good standing of this Association and attend all possible scheduled meetings of the Association and attend all scheduled meetings of the Fire School Committee.


(Section - IV)

The Fire School Committee shall consist of ten (10) members appointed by the Fire School director and Assistant Directors and shall consist of one (1) Safety Officer and two (2) desk Captains. The Association members will approve all committee members.


Article X - Duties of the Board of Directors


(Section - I)

It shall be the duty the Board of Control to take charge of the charges and grievances brought before the Association and to invest age in the. Results of their investigation Shall be presented to the Association for final disposition.


Article - XI Bonding or the Officers


(Section - I)

The Secretary and Treasurer of the Association, Shall be covered by a position bond in the amount deemed necessary by the Association an can be changed anytime, the cost is to be paid by the Association.


Article - XII Membership


(Section - I)

To become a member of this association you must be a citizen of the United States of America, Be a member of a volunteer fIre company /department, paid company/department or part volunteer and part paid company/department. And be (18) eighteen years old on your last birthday


(Section - Ia) to hold an elected office

To hold an elected office in this association you must be currently an officer or have held one of the following offices in your company/department, fire chief, assistant fire chief, line officer, and engineer, fire police captain or fire police lieutenants, safety officer. And be in good standing in the association.


(Section - II)

Line Officers and Engineers are eligible for membership whether or not their Fire Company belongs, upon payment of their dues.


(Section - III)

Persons not eligible under section 1 and 2 may become Honorary Members of this Association, if their conduct warrants it, by a majority vote of members present at any meeting. They shall be entitled to all privileges of membership except voting or holding of office.


(Section - IV)

Any person applying for membership will be eligible for death benefits proving there in good standing at the time of death.


(Section - V)

Any person applying for membership in the Association must be at least 18 years of age upon applying for membership.




Article - XIII Dues


(Section - I)

The annual dues for all fire companies shall be Twenty Dollars $20.00 which includes one (1) Chief and one (1) Assistant Chief. All others member’s annual dues shall be Eight Dollars ($8.00) per year.


(Section - II)

Dues notices will be sent out in October 1st, With payment in January. If dues are not paid by March 31st death benefits will not be paid until dues are paid, but will not be retroactive.


(Section - III)

Companies and members in arrears shall not be entitled to participate in any meeting of the Association. When they are in arrears for (90) Ninety Days, they shall be notified by the Secretary, upon failure to make immediate payment of the in debtness, they shall be declared DROPPED from the rolls by the presiding officer at a meeting. Such members shall not be reinstated until such arrears have been paid.


(Section – IV)

Past Presidents shall become life Members and will be entitled to all privileges of the Association and be exempt from paying of dues. Furthermore, after four (4) consecutive years of service, persons holding the office of Secretary, Treasurer, or Chaplain shall become "Life Members," entitled to all benefits and services including the "Death Benefit," and shall be exempt from further payment of dues.


(Section - V)

Honorary members shall be exempt from paying any dues.













Article - XIV Death Benefits


(Section - I)

Upon proper notification of the death of any member in good standing the Association shall pay to their beneficiary the sum of One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) effective January 1st 2009.


(Section - II)

The beneficiary shall present a death certificate and a copy of the Association death claim in order to collect the death benefits.


(Section - III)

If a death occurs in the Association of a Past President or any past officer that is in good standing. The Secretary, the President, Secretary, or Treasurer shall make arrangements a group visitation for the service, then he/she notify the membership of the time and location, it will be limited. To members, spouse father, mother, son, daughter brother, sister The Association shall purchase a token of sympathy to be delivered to the proper location.



Article - XV Meetinqs


(Section - I)

It shall be the duty of the Secretary to contact all Fire Companies of the Association in good standing by alphabetical order for the scheduling of the monthly meetings, as of February 2001. All fire companies in good standing in this Association will be contacted for their participation for the betterment of the Association's monthly meetings.


(Section – II)

Meeting shall be held on the third (3rd) Wednesday of each month beginning at 8:00 PM. unless a change is voted on at a regular meeting, or when (7) seven members from seven (7) different companies shall request and present in writing to the Association for a change. There will be no meeting in December.







(Section - III)

Seven (7) members representing seven (7) companies shall constitute a quorum for any regular or special meeting. Special meetings shall clearly the business to be transacted, and no other business shall be in order.


(Section - IV) Meeting Agenda

The following agenda shall be proper matter for conducting any meeting except special meeting.
1. Call to order at 8:00 PM.

2. Opening exercise by the Chaplin

3. Roll call of Companies, officers, Past Presidents

4. Address of Welcome

5. Response from the Association (Past President)

6. Reading of the minutes previous meeting

7. Secretary report

8. Treasurer report

9. Committee reports (BY Vice President)

10. Prostration of bills

11. Communications

12. Unfinished business
13. New Business

14. Discussion For the good of the Association

15. Announcements

16. Report of the sick and deceased members

17. Topic if present

18. Rising vote of thanks for the host company
19. Half the take drawing

20. Closing exercise by the Chaplin


October meeting Nomination of officers November meeting election of officer's nominations if needed

January meeting installation of new officers












Article - XVI Bylaw Amendments


(Section – I)

Any proposed change or amendments of the Bylaws of the Association must be read and past at (3) three consecutive regular meetings, after the first reading and passed the proposed change may be published in the next (2) two monthly news letter from the Secretary. A (2/3srd) two-thirds affirmative vote by those present and qualified shall be, necessary for passage.


(Section - II)

In the in month September 21st 2005


These By Laws have been read and approved in proper order according to (Article XV Section I) of the By Laws on the Southwestern Pennsylvania Fire Chiefs and Assistant Fire Chiefs Association.


President      Vice President      Secretary

Jim Higgins    Charles Spotts      Wayne Ray


By Law Committee

Edward Rohrer

Lewis E. Crumrine
William Klamorick


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